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happy volunteer ladyDoor to Home is a nonprofit ecumenical Christian organization that builds homes and renovates houses for those in need. Established in 2002, Door to Home is working to eliminate and counteract the negative effects of poverty housing and homelessness from Suceava county.

Because adequate housing is the premise for the harmonious development of people and communities, we renovate, build, facilitate, educate, and are active to create the foundations of new lives.  We manage to achieve this by collecting donations and sponsorships and hosting dozens of volunteers annually.

Door to Home renovates and builds homes with the help of partner families, volunteer work and donations of money and materials that can be tax deductible. These homes are sold to partner families without profit, benefiting from a non-interest mortgage loan. Monthly installments are paid by homeowners into a 'Revolving Fund' - money that can be used for building other houses. 

Door to Home is not a charity program. In addition to payment installments and the monthly mortgage rate, the owners invest hundreds of hours of work – contributing through themselves and friends and family – to build their own houses and the houses of others.

In 2007, Door to Home hosted Euro2007 Build, the largest volunteer and construction event in Europe: 27 homes in 5 days. The event took place alongside the entry of Romania into the European Union. Over 650 volunteers built 27 homes for needy families in Radauti, one home for each member country of the EU, in just 5 days.

Why does Door to Home exist? 

Here are just some statistics regarding the housing problems here in Romania:

  • 5.5 million people live in severe poverty and their home needs renovation (28.6%)
  • 41.2% don't have a bathroom inside their home, while the European average is 3.1%
  • 58% of Romanians live in overcrowded accommodation, while the European average is 17.8%


Our Mission

Door to Home is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization that builds, renovates and rehabilitates simple houses, decent and affordable as price, with and for the underprivileged persons, with the help of volunteers and community resources.

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Door to Home
Str. Bogdan Voda, nr. 12, Cam. 14
Rădăuţi, Suceava, 725400

E-mail: info@doortohome.ro
Tel: 0230 - 562751

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